Packaging and delivery charges for Europe are fixed to $ 9.33 regardless the type of order. Anyway it will be possible to view the amount of delivery charges of your order before introducing your payment details. The table below includes current shipping costs and estimated delivery times for any product purchased on Gio'Style Store.

1. Charges, conditions and delivery times


Price list in DOLLARS ($)

Shipping conditions

Delivery Times (working days)

Italy Shipping cost may vary depending on the product


National Post

2 - 6 days

Europe Shipping cost may vary depending on the product


International Mail or International Courier

2 - 4 days

Rest of the World


International Mail or International Courier

5 - 7 days

Warning: any customs duty will be charged when the package arrives to the destination country. These fees are charged to the customer. Gio'Style Store has no control of such duties, which can slightly vary depending on the country. For more informations we suggest to contact the customs authorities of your country.

Warning: Not all products can be sold outside UE

Warning: Delivery times in the table are approximate and not binding by any means.

Warning: the customer is solely responsible for providing a correct and complete delivery address.

2. Delivery times

The "delivery time" (indicated in the previous table) consist of time required  by the courier to deliver the goods. In order to know the exact shipping time of the purchased goods you have to add to the delivery times the required times for the preparation of the items (such time may vary depending on the product). The purchase confirmation email contains the exact days it takes to deliver  the goods. The shipment will be carried out also when the order is not complete. For example, if an order includes an item with a processing time of 2 days and another one with processing time of 5 days, products will be shipped in two different moments at no additional cost for you. Times are  indicative, in any case Gio'Style Store will inform the customer via email in case that estimated arrival date shall undergo a remarkable delay.

3. Order Status

It is possible to check the shipment status from the day after the shipment. After the shipment, Gio'Style Store will inform the customer via email: by clicking on the link included inside the email the customer may view the shipment status on Once  the parcel has been given to the express courier the link above mentioned will be available in the page called My orders”: in this case, in order to check the order status (delivery date, etc), the Customer shall click on "My orders" and type his email address and password. In this way you will be able to view a list of your orders. By clicking on the link of the order, you will see all the details concerning the shipping status.

4 . Failed delivery

If the items purchased are not delivered within the period specified in the order confirmation email, please check your order status by clickin onMy orders contact our customer care. We will check it with the competent delivery company


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Conequently, it must be clear to everyone that Gio'Style Store is acting and will continue to work to ensure that the no incidents of harrassment, bullying or stalking will occur in its working environment and this also with reference to the application of the Ethical Code in force at Colombo Smart Plastic S.p.A.


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